Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Lana and I’m originally from Russia but some time ago moved to Limassol, Cyprus.

My long-standing interest in fashion has grown into this blog, in which I share my experience, trends and style tips, create outfits and wear them.

For several years I used to live in Italy, where, looking at the impeccable taste of most Italians, my great passion for fashion and its history was born. I am constantly improving and getting new knowledge in this field, which allows to keep me up to date with the very latest trends. I try to create everyday outfits that are available to almost every woman and share with you the secrets of how to combine styles, shapes and accessories.

Working as a stylist and creating outfits for photo and video shootings help me to work with completely different people and create different looks. Subscribe to me on social media and stay tuned!