Hello, folks. How are you? Sorry for haven’t posted for a while, I was super busy during December. As you know I’m a commercial and personal stylist and Christmas and New Year are such a busy months for us. But you can always find me on my IG account. Today… View Post

The limitless choices of fashion accessories in sunnies, hats, jewelry and bags is what defines a superbly unique style. Accessories add fun and interesting elements to otherwise boring outfits and they define the mood for each look. Sunnies can be chic, bold, fancy or playful. This year Balenciaga introduced to… View Post

Here is a look into my current obsessions right now. Beige coat, wine color beret, checkered pants – I’ve mixed quite all of my favourite trends in this outfit. As you know from my previous post, I have a big crush on anything vintage, especially pieces that tell a story. … View Post